Termination of pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy

A woman who wishes to terminate a pregnancy may be provided this at her request before the end of the 12th week of pregnancy (≤12+0 pregnancy weeks). There is no need to notify grounds for termination of pregnancy. If the pregnancy has progressed longer, Valvira’s permission is needed for termination of pregnancy. Valvira may grant a permission for termination up to 20 +0 weeks of pregnancy. 

In the North Savo Wellbeing Services County, a person requesting termination of pregnancy must first contact the sexual or contraceptive clinic in their own area. The pregnant person will be informed there of the significance and effects of terminating pregnancy, and contraception counselling will be provided. A person requesting or considering termination of pregnancy as well as the other parent have the right to receive the psychosocial support they need. 

Medicinal terminations of pregnancy take place at the gynaecological outpatient clinic of Iisalmi Hospital, Kuopio University Hospital and Varkaus Hospital depending on the municipality of residence. If the pregnancy has lasted less than 10 weeks and the woman is healthy, termination of pregnancy can usually be performed medicinally at home. In this case, another adult must provide support at home. 

Today, about 98 percent of terminations are done medicinally and most of these successfully. If the medicinal termination of pregnancy is incomplete, the termination will be continued medicinally at the hospital, or a curettage procedure will be carried out. In the case of a medicinal termination, the need for sick leave is usually 2 to 3 days. It is rarely necessary to terminate pregnancy using suction curettage. This procedure requires anaesthesia. Suction curettage involves complication risks greater than in medicinal termination, such as uterine perforation or infections. 

Terminations of pregnancy beyond 10 weeks of pregnancy are carried out in hospital. Terminations beyond 12 weeks of pregnancy require Valvira’s permission, which is to be applied for after the length of the pregnancy has been confirmed. 

Termination of pregnancy involves pain which can be effectively medicated. The decision on termination of pregnancy is often difficult, and therefore we encourage a discussion with our staff about the feelings involved. 

The post-examination will take place in about three weeks from the termination at the sexual or contraceptive clinic of your own municipality. The purpose of the post-examination is to ensure that the uterus is emptied. This is done by a blood test, and the starting of further contraception is ensured. 

Further contraception

Hormonal contraception is started on the first day after the termination of pregnancy. If an intrauterine device or upper arm implant is chosen as the method of contraception, it can be applied immediately after the uterus has been emptied. 

What you should do

Termination of pregnancy is planned during an appointment at a gynaecological outpatient clinic in the North Savo Wellbeing Services County. You need a referral for the appointment, and you can get it by contacting a contraception or sexual counselling clinic in your area.

Contact information

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