Child health clinic services

Child health clinic services

The task of the child health clinic is to promote the health and well-being of children under school age (0-6 years of age) and their families and to reduce health-related inequalities between the families. 

The child health clinic monitors and promotes the child’s physical, mental and social growth and development. We support parenthood in issues such as safe, child-centred upbringing and good care of the child as well as in caring for the couple’s relationship. 

At the child health clinic, we aim to identify the needs for special support for families with children as early as possible and to arrange appropriate support and assistance. 

The child receives the vaccinations included in the national vaccination programme at the child health clinic. 

The child health clinic service is part of the family centre service and it is arranged as a local service. 

What you should do

Make an appointment for child health clinic services either by phone or in the online service. Some municipalities also offer walk-in appointments. 

To whom and under what conditions

The service is intended for families with at least one child under school age. 

Contact information

Find the contact information of your health care centre by choosing your municipality of residence by clicking on the link below. The information on the following pages is in Finnish.