Sexual health services

Sexual health services

The purpose of sexual health counselling is to promote the health of an individual and couple by providing support and advice in matters related to health, relationships and sexuality. 

The sexual health clinic provides 

  • contraception counselling and individual planning of contraception 
  • the opportunity to discuss family planning comprehensively 
  • guidance and counselling to maintain sexual health 
  • guidance and counselling related to termination of pregnancy 
  • advice and counselling relating to sexually transmitted diseases

Adolescents in North Savo are entitled to free contraception 

  • short-term or long-term methods for persons under 21 years of age 
  • long-term methods for persons 21 to 24 years of age. 

What you should do

Contact the sexual health clinic by phone or online. 

School pupils and students can also contact their own school nurse or study nurse. 

To whom and under what conditions

Sexual health clinic services are offered to all clients of fertile age.

Contact information

Find the contact information of your health care centre by choosing your municipality of residence by clicking on the link below. The information on the following pages is in Finnish.