Social work and social counselling

Social work and social counselling

Social counselling

According to section 16 of the Social Welfare Act, social counselling means counselling, guidance and support for individuals, families and communities in the use of services as well as co-operation in the co-ordination of different forms of support. The goal is to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of individuals and families by strengthening life management and functional capacity. 

Social instructors and social workers work purposefully together with the client, the necessary co-operative partners and family members. 

Social work

Social work is a social service in accordance with section 15 of the Social Welfare Act. Social work refers to client and expert work that builds a social support and services package that meets the needs of the individual, family and community and that is co-ordinated with the support provided by other parties, guiding and monitoring its implementation and effectiveness. 

Social work is work that supports change. The aim of the work is to mitigate, together with the individual, family and communities, the difficulties in the life situation, to strengthen the individuals’ and families’ own operating conditions and inclusion and to promote the social coherence of communities. 

Social services for working-age people are targeted at those aged between 18 and 64. 

Integrating social work for immigrants

Municipalities have the primary responsibility for promoting immigrant integration. 

In the North Savo Wellbeing Services County, the clients of social work that promotes immigrant integration are persons and families under international protection as well as family members who have arrived through family reunification schemes, if they have a need for social and health care services. 

Social work that promotes immigrant integration guides and advises and does planned individual and family-specific social work based on the assessment of the need for services and a client plan. The service is preventive and temporary. The work responds comprehensively to the needs for support under section 11 of the Social Welfare Act. In addition to the Social Welfare Act, the work is defined by the Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration. 

There is close co-operation with various municipal sectors and organisations, and clients are directed to other primary or special services as needed. An integration plan will be drawn up for the client together with the TE office. 

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