Rehabilitating social services

Rehabilitating social services

Rehabilitating work activities

Rehabilitating work activities are a social service in accordance with the Social Welfare Act and are intended for those long-term unemployed who, due to limitations on their ability to work and function, are unable to participate in public employment services or work. 

The arrangement of rehabilitating work activities is based on an activation plan drawn up jointly by the Employment and Economic Development Office and the Wellbeing Services County with the person in question. 

The service package of rehabilitating work activities must include services that promote a person's life management, working ability and functional capacity. The services may include individual and group activities that can be carried out in various operating environments. The service must always include the support and guidance that a person needs, provided as a personal or group service. 

Rehabilitating work activities must be co-ordinated with the social, health and rehabilitation services, public employment services and other services and support measures needed by the person.

Social rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation is a social service that is always based on a comprehensive assessment of the client's functional capacity and need for rehabilitation. Provisions on social rehabilitation services are laid down in the Social Welfare Act (section 17). 

Social rehabilitation services are intended for adults who are not in working life and wish to find right options for them. The client's personal service package consists of individual guidance provided by service instructors and enabling services in accordance with the client's action plan. Social rehabilitation is enhanced support to strengthen the social functioning capacity of persons in need of help, promote inclusion and combat exclusion. 

Social rehabilitation examines a person’s need for support and seeks suitable services for the person. Support can be provided, for example, for coping with everyday activities, life management and interaction. The services consist of individual, group and work activities.

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