Asiakas- ja potilasturvallisuus

Customer and Patient Safety 

  • is part of good care and treatment. 
  • covers research, care and treatment, and equipment safety. 
  • also means that care and treatment will not harm the patient. 

If care and treatment do not work as planned 

Treatment does not always work as expected and may actually harm the patient. The responsibility for safe treatment always rests with the treating staff and it is therefore important to investigate what has happened. 

A patient and/or their family member who believes that an incident has taken place during treatment may also report it anonymously online. 

Links to incident reporting 

  • Notification of a dangerous situation by a customer, patient or relative   
    An incident report does not amount to an official objection regarding medical errors. A patient dissatisfied with health care or other treatment may submit an objection or a complaint in accordance with the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients. Objections should be addressed to the registry of the North Savo wellbeing services county, and complaints should be addressed to the registry of the Regional State Administrative Agency. If you leave your contact details, we shall contact you by phone in order to examine the situation in detail. 
  • Data protection report by customer, patient or relative  
    You may use the data protection/data security notification whenever you consider that your personal data protection or that of a person close to you has been incomplete, threatened or violated, or you find that it has been inadequate. You may also submit other feedback or any development ideas on data protection or data security. Based on such notifications, follow-up measures required by law will be taken, if necessary. Do not enter any personal data on the form. You may, however, leave your contact details if you wish to be contacted.