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Come to train in the North Savo wellbeing services county

Come to train in the North Savo wellbeing services county!

 Traineeships are an important part of education given in the health care and social services sectors and key to the professional growth of each student. Every year, some 4,000–5,000 higher education and upper secondary education students train with us. 

The recent transition to the wellbeing services county model brought some changes to the services related to such traineeships. From now on, the services of clinical nursing teachers and student coordinators at the Training Services Unit are extended over the entire wellbeing services county and all fields of study. 

In the North Savo wellbeing services county, you can complete your traineeship in fields such as specialised services (specialised medical care), services for families and persons with disabilities, basic services, services for older persons, and rescue services. 

In matters that concern arrangements for traineeships or the availability of training placements, you should contact a student coordinator. In matters such as student supervision, supervisor training or the development of learning environments, for example, you should contact a clinical nursing teacher.

Services for families and persons with disabilities 

Basic services 

Services for older people 

Specialised services 

Emergency medical care (Kuopio University Hospital and Rescue Department) 

Joint email:   

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Collaboration between educational institutions 

A student may only come to train in the North Savo wellbeing services if there is an agreement in force between the county and the establishment in question. In the absence of such agreement, the teacher must contact the student coordinators. 

Contact information: 

All our training placements are published in reservation systems Jobiili and/or Tiitus. If your higher education institution doesn't use these systems and you need a suitable training placement, you can send an email to

Please specify in your message: 

  • your study field 
  • when your traineeship should take place and how long it should be in which sector you would like to complete your traineeship 
  • and any other wishes.

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