Maternity clinic services

Maternity clinic services

The goal of maternity clinics is to safeguard the health and well-being of pregnant women and foetuses, to promote the health and well-being of future parents and the whole family as well as the health and safety of the child's development environment. Another goal is to promote public health and prevent pregnancy-related disorders. 

The maternity clinic recognises pregnancy-related problems and disorders as early as possible and provides the necessary care, assistance and support without delay. 

Maternity clinics participate in reducing health-related inequalities and preventing social exclusion, for instance, through early targeted support. 

Nurses, midwives and doctors work at maternity clinics. We offer the service as a local service, and it is part of the  health services of the family centre. The exception is pregnancy-related ultrasound screening, which is carried out at the Kuopio University Hospital. 

The pregnant person’s spouse or other support person is always welcome to join the appointments at maternity clinics. 

What you should do

Make an appointment at the maternity clinic by telephone or through the online service. 

If necessary, we can grant you a voucher for services provided by other municipalities of the Wellbeing Services County (e.g. when moving temporarily to another municipality or spending summer in another municipality). The voucher is granted by an office holder. 

To whom and under what conditions 

The service is intended for a family expecting or planning a child. 

Fee information

Maternity clinic services are voluntary and mainly free of charge for the client. Paid services include, for example, a doctor’s appointment at the maternity clinic for medical reasons, which is not actually included in the maternity clinic’s health examination programme. 

Contact information

Find the contact information of your health care centre by choosing your municipality of residence by clicking on the link below. The information on the following pages is in Finnish.