Child welfare notification 

File a child welfare notification when you are concerned about a child’s well-being and care, for example, in the following situations: 

  • Assault or suspected assault on a child 
  • Neglect of care of child 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Substance abuse by a child or parent 
  • Criminal acts by a child 
  • Otherwise abnormal behaviour of a child, for example, very withdrawn, apathetic or overly aggressive. 

What you should do 

You can file a child welfare notification by telephone, using a paper form or an electronic form (both only in Finnish) in the central area and in the northeastern area. 

You can return the paper form to a local service point, regional service point or area service point. Contact information on the service points can be found at the end of the form. 

If necessary, you can file a child welfare notification without the consent of the child or the family, but if possible, try to discuss it with the child or the custodians. 

Contact information

Find the contact information of your health care centre by choosing your municipality of residence by clicking on the link below. The information on the following pages is in Finnish.

Lisätiedot, lastensuojeluilmoitus

See also


    The website provides basic information on services for families with children in Finland in several languages. The website is aimed specifically at immigrant parents and professionals who work with them.