When is a hospital visit necessary?

When is a hospital visit necessary?

It is possible to come to Kuopio University Hospital (KYS) to give birth from all over Finland. Expectant mothers are received at Kaarisairaala Hospital, Women’s Acute Centre, 24 hours a day (Building 2, Entrance Hall H, 2nd floor). 

Expectant mothers usually come to the hospital on their own. Come by ambulance in the case of an impending breech birth, you are expecting twins, the amniotic fluid breaks when you are less than 37 weeks pregnant, you experience severe pain, or there is bloody discharge. 

When to come to the maternity hospital 

  • Birth contractions occur regularly, i.e. at intervals of less than 10 minutes. 
  • You cannot manage with the birth contractions at home. 
  • You experience premature contractions (less than 37 weeks pregnant). 
  • You experience a non-stop contraction or severe pain in the womb. 
  • There is clear bloody discharge or you suspect that the amniotic fluid has broken.  
  • Foetal movements are not detected. 
  • Despite the repeated movement patterns, foetal movements are detected less than 10 times per hour. 
  • You are concerned about your own condition or that of the foetus.