Registering a study

Registering a study

KUH’s Science Service Centre assists in registering research.

JULKI register

Publications resulting from scientific research are registered at the Science Service Centre in the joint JULKI register of KUH’s collaborative area. The publication data are retrieved from the scientific databases of the JULKI register. The Science Service Centre submits a summary of the publication data for inspection. The correctness of the publication data is checked at the Kuopio University Hospital’s scientific library.

The information obtained from the JULKI register is used as a basis for monitoring the scientific research activities of KUH and KUH’s YTA region, as well as for making decisions. In addition, the information is used as a basis for the distribution of state research funding to areas of specific responsibilities.

Public research register (

Prior to the start of a clinical study, it must be registered in an international clinical research register that is public and independent. The register is one of the clinical research records approved by the International Committee of medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Only studies registered in a public independent research register will be published in the scientific journals belonging to the organisation. According to ICMJE’s criteria, treatment studies to be registered as intervention studies are prospective (progressive), controlled, (i.e. comparative; using at least two different treatments, experimental and reference methods) and conducted with pharmaceuticals, devices, surgical, behavioural and other methods of treatment, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatments used.

KUH has a centralised system for registering investigator-driven clinical trials in the register. The Science Service Centre will provide the researchers with a user ID to register in the system and fill out the data of their own research. The Science Service Centre will send the data to the register in a centralised manner. A staff member of the Science Service Centre will also check the format of the entry and see to the updates of the studies together with the researcher.