Nurse's reception

Nurse's reception


You can obtain help in health care or in the treatment of an illness from the health station / health centre in your own municipality. 

A health care professional will assess your need for treatment at the reception or by phone in order to ensure your timely treatment. You will receive health advice and guidance to support your care or an appointment will be booked for you. If needed, the health care professional will transfer you onwards if your treatment requires a different type of specialisation. 

At the health care professional’s reception, various wounds can be treated, stitches or staples can be removed, and medical treatments prescribed by a physician can be performed. The health care professional administers vaccines and guides you in preparing for procedures. 

S/he supports you in the self-care of long-term illnesses. 

The health care professional is also there for you when you need help with challenging life circumstances or support in managing everyday life. In addition, s/he can write up short sick leave periods. 

In some health stations / health centres, you will be served by multi-professional teams. 

Do as follows

Before you make contact, you can assess your need for care on the or websites. 

You can also find health advice, risk tests and instructions for self-care from Terveyskylä (Health Village). The instructions help you evaluate when there is good reason to request a professional’s assessment with regard to the need for treatment. 

Contact the health station / health centre in your own municipality by calling the municipality-specific registered nurse or via the chat service. 

Electronic arrangement of appointments via a nurse or other health care professional is possible at some health stations / health centres.  

Contact information

Find the contact information of your health care centre by choosing your municipality of residence by clicking on the link below. The information on the following pages is in Finnish.

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