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Microcirculation research group 

Microcirculation research group 

Korpisalo Lab

At the Heart Center of the Kuopio University Hospital the research group of Dos. Petra Korpisalo investigates the microvasculature in ischemic muscles. The muscle microvasculature is responsible for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients with the tissue. Proper function of the microvasculature is thus essential not only for normal function but also recovery of skeletal muscles from ischemia.

The research aims to establish which changes in the muscle microvasculature after an arterial occlusion aggravate ischemic muscle damage and which changes associate with post-ischemic muscle recovery. The research focuses on the development of novel treatment strategies that by modulating the microvasculature could support post-ischemic muscle recovery. As part of the research also imaging tools for the detection of muscle microvascular changes in patients are being developed. 

The research is funded by grant from e.g. The Research Council of Finland, The Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and The North Savo Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Patients visiting the Kuopio University Hospital may be asked to participate in these studies. Patient studies by the microvascular research team employ e.g. thermal imaging, contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging and analysis of tissue samples to address the research questions.    

Primary investigator

Docent Petra Korpisalo-Pirinen

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Santeri Tarvainen, MD; Galina Wirth, MSc; Greta Juusola, MSc; Olli Hautero, MD; Kari Kalliokoski, PhD; Tanja Sjöros, PhD; Veikko Nikulainen, MD; Jouni Taavitsainen, MD, PhD; Jarkko Hytönen, MD, PhD; Crister Frimodig, BMed; Krista Happonen, BMed; Tuomas Selander, MSc; Tomi Laitinen, MD, PhD; Harri H Hakovirta, MD, PhD; Juhani Knuuti, MD, PhD; Nihay Laham-Karam, PhD: Juha Hartikainen, MD, PhD; Kimmo Mäkinen, MD, PhD; Seppo Ylä-Herttuala, MD, PhD; Petra Korpisalo, MD, PhD; Critical limb-threatening ischemia and microvascular transformation: clinical implications, European Heart Journal, 2023;, ehad562, 

Wirth, G.; Juusola, G.; Tarvainen, S.; Laakkonen, J.P.; Korpisalo, P.; Ylä-Herttuala, S. Capillary Dynamics Regulate Post-Ischemic Muscle Damage and Regeneration in Experimental Hindlimb Ischemia. Cells 202312, 2060. 

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